//Art Director//

Maleficent Free Fall is a Disney match-3 puzzle video game available on mobile phones and tablets based. It is based on Maleficent Disney movie, and developed by Genera Games. In the project I worked as a 2D artist and graphic designer to create the UI/UIX, background photo-retouching and compositions, map designs, game elements concept art and illustrations.     
The video game reflects and adapts the aesthetic from the movie so Maleficent's fans could go deeper into this universe. We also had the opportunity to create new content and explore this fascinating world. The game has been in the general Top Grossing category for many consecutive weeks in USA Apple Store and many other different countries. 
I invite you to download the game for iOS here or Android here but if you want to see more graphic content you can access to this private section (under password request)
All images are Disney right reserved.
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