//Art Director//

I worked as Art Director and video editor to create these pieces to announce the launching of MayTea, the new low calorie tea beverage created by Schweppes Suntory Company. 
The promotional video was displayed in supermarket screens all over Spain. It aims to capture the essence of the brand and transmits its freshness and natural quality. Because of the peculiarities of the screening conditions in these kind of environments it had to be very simple and short but, at the same time, clear enough to tell all the communication messages required. The three main values of the brand are that MayTea has no colorants, sweeteners nor preservatives so the leaves and water drops try to express this naturalness. 
Part of the launch actions implemented by the company was to put the main Suntory offices in Madrid upside down, literally. MayTea arrived to revolutionize the tea beverage sector so it meant a deep change in the market and the company. They decided to make a big communication action in which the main hall and some key spots of the office were flipped, included some of the workers like the receptionist. It was made by an illusion of cardboard panels printed and placed in the middle of the hall and some vinyls installed on the walls.
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