//Art Director//

My New Baby is an app created for the youngest member of the family to help them understand and get familiar with the arrival of a new baby brother. The kids will be able to take care of the mom at the hospital, decorate the baby room, bath him when he arrives home or get him dressed to introduce him to the rest of the family. 
The work consisted on the app conceptualization, UI design, character design, character and element illustrations, brand design and promotional material design.
My New Baby has been one of the 100 most downloaded apps in the USA Apple Store (and other countries) on its category (Education) and in the general top grossing list of apps for many consecutive weeks. It has settled the base of a new kind of kids' game inside the app store, that led to a huge amount of apps related to the same theme. 
You can download the game for iOS here or Android here.
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